Towne and Country Early Education center - Placentia - Preschool Program

Goals and objectives - 2 Years old

Developing the ability to translate personal thoughts, identify and label items, and articulate in sentences
Learning to recognize and name the primary colors, basic shapes, days of the week and concepts such as hot and cold, top and bottom, more and less
Developing listening skills and attention span through listening to books, flannel board stories, puppet shows, etc. (often repeating their favorite books

Socio-emotional Development

Developing a positive self image and creativity, a wholesome attitude towards one's body and a good start towards reaching one's potential
Learning to interact, share, and cooperate with a peer group through free and direct play
Learning to identify feelings in oneself and others


Learning to sort and classify by shape, size, or color through exploration of tangible objects
Developing the comprehension and recognition of the values and symbols of the numerals 1-5
Developing an awareness of the world around them
Developing the curiosity necessary to wonder why, what, when, where Art as a Means of Self Expression
Working with art materials to:
- express feelings and ideas
- develop creativity
- foster an appreciation for the various art forms


Developing a sense of rhythm
Developing the ability for
auditory memory and auditory

Fine Motor Development

Fostering hand/eye coordination and prewriting skills (through experiences with using crayons, chalk, brushes, tearing, pasting, stirring, molding, etc.)
Developing skills connected with daily practical experiences (such as dressing, buttoning, hanging coats, eating with a spoon or fork, pouring liquid form small pitcher or cup)

Gross Motor Development

Fostering the ability to run, gallop, jump, hop, skip, and throw through participation in individual and group games, skills and playground activities
Developing balance, coordination and self expression by involvement in musical exercises and games