Towne and Country Early Education center - Placentia - Testimonials

I have been looking for a preschool like TC for many years. My son loves going to school and he comes home each day happy and eagerly wanting to share all he has learned and talk about the friends he played with. Each time I pick him up, all of the children, from all of the classes say \"good-bye\" and know his name. In just 2 short months and the age of 3, he has learned to write his name neatly, letters and sounds and even can tell you if vowels are long/short and letters soft/hard. He is counting and recognizing numbers like crazy and tells me about anatomy like my heart pumps blood to my organs and names bones. I highly recommend this preschool and wish I had found this gem when my daughters were younger. Thank you for caring for the \"whole\"child and creating a fun, learning environment!Summer.

Towne and Country is Placentia's best kept secret! Truly a hidden gem among Orange county's wide variety daycare/ preschool facilities. If you are looking for a reliable Daycare/ Preschool with a private school curriculum and an amazing summer program... Towne and Country is for your family. This is an amazing school; as soon as you enter the door you can feel and visibly see the caring environment Towne and Country has to offer. Children move busily from one creative activity to another and the outside play area is huge! The director and teaching staff at Towne and Country are wonderful and make the school complete. I feel so blessed and relieved when I drop my daughter off in the morning that she is being taken care of and taught by such nurturing, dedicated, patient, and understanding group of women. My daughter has attended Towne and Country for the last three years and is now more than ready to enter kindergarten with ease; I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Towne and Country and Staff for sharing your knowledge and creativity with my daughter. Everyday I pick her up she shocks me with what they did that day and I'll never forget when my 4 year old looked at me and said "Soooo mom... Let me tell you about metamorphosis"... TRULY AMAZING! Nicky Robledo.

Both of my kids love this school.  As a working mom, it is important to me to be able to send my kids to a school where I trust the teachers and know my kids are happy.  My daugher is 4 and has learned so much in such a short time.  My son is 2 and he is learning basic skills like how to line up and color. It is awesome to see how happy they are to go to school.  Thanks to the teachers and Ms. Lasanthi!  Heba A.

Great school, my daughter loved this place !! They teach instead of just watch your kids. Kayleen V..

My daughter and son went to this placentia school and we're happy with the teachers and the owner.  They are very nice and professional. Highly recommend.  It's an awesome place. Daniel B..

Both of my daughters went to the Placentia school few years ago. They really prep my daughters to enter Elementary. The education they received at the school made a huge difference. My wife and kids still stay in touch with the teachers even if they don't go to this school. It's nice to stay in touch and connected. Paul M..

My two sons (ages 2 and 3.5) both went to Towne and Country this year.  They both loved it!!  The teachers are wonderful.  The school is focused on education but the kids have a lot of fun too.  We just moved out of the area, so they are moving to a new school.  I can only hope that they have a similar experience there!!Lisa P.

My daughter (4 st grade) went to this school since a little until 1st grade with Ms. Thieler. She is a very good teacher such as discipline, creativity,
professional, my two sons are going this school as well...they love school, all subjects and activities, and teachers. Thanks for all Towne and Country teachers!! Tina P.

My older daughter attended T&C Placentia for her 4 year old preschool year and my only regret is not starting her sooner.  She loved it and learned so much!  She was fully prepared for her first year of kindergarten at Olinda Elementary and had a great time along the way.  We started my 2nd child just before her 2nd birthday and have found that their programs for younger children are just as strong.  Do yourself a favor and stop by!  You won't be disappointed. Katherine O.

I absolutly love this school/daycare!! They have amazing staff/teachers who are so welcoming and friendly. i love the fact they have such an effective curriculum, my 2 year old son knows his shapes, colors, animals,and the sound letters make. Also its clean bright and fun enviroment.. the best part is my son LOVES being there and he aslways is looking foward to going to school! That make it so much easier for me knowing my son is happy and feels safe! Mrs. Meghan is an awesome teacher im so thankful for such a great place for my son. I definetly recommend this school! Racquel C.

It's a blessing to have found this school. My daughter loves all the teachers and loves to come to school. The teachers are passionate about their jobs, and it shows. She's learned so much from just being here for 7 months. Great school, amazing teachers.Yvonne


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