Towne and Country Early Education center - Placentia - Preschool Program

Goals and objectives - Pre Kindergarten

Language Arts

Continued development in skills of recognition and writing of upper and lower case alphabet
Heavy emphasis on learning the letter sounds (phonics) as a means to early reading
Developing the ability to read simple words phonetically
Recognition of basic words on sight
Writing one’s name in upper and lower case
Understanding the calendar
Developing vocabulary, listening skills, attention span, and appreciation of books
Developing the ability to translate personal thoughts, recall events, and articulate these into sentences
Continued growth in understanding the concepts of likeness and difference, opposites, and “before and after”
Speaking in front of a group of peers

Socio-emotional Development

Developing a positive self image and creativity
Developing the ability to assume responsibility and work independently
Learning to interact, share, and cooperate with a peer group
Learning to identify feelings in oneself and others
Developing an awareness of oneself as a family member, as a part of a wider world, and one’s important place in them
Developing concepts of good citizenship and a value system


Recognition writing of numerals 1-100
Developing basic math concepts such as patterning, sorting, matching, classifying, greater and less than, and setting of values
Continued understanding of comparison of values of pennies, nickels and dimes
Continued understanding of comparison of sizes, shapes and quantity
Telling time on the hour
Ability to perform simple additions and subtractions

Art as a Means of Self Expression

Working with art materials to:
- express feelings and ideas
- develop creativity and imagination
- foster an appreciation for the various art forms


Developing a sense of rhythm, auditory memory and auditory sequence used in instruments and song


Developing the curiosity necessary to wonder why, what, when, where, and how, through hands-on projects
Developing an awareness of basic scientific concepts, and facts related to my body, senses, weather,food groups and nutirition, rocks, minerals, solar system, plants and animals

Learning to measure solids and liquids. Observe changes in matter
Fostering the understanding of ecology and our natural resources Social Studies Introducing maps Learning the 7 continents and main oceans State projects done by each childUnderstand cultures different then their own

Fine Motor Development

Developing small muscle control and writing skills (through writing, coloring, cutting, manipulative play and puzzles)
Increasing skills connected with daily practical experiences (such as dressing, buttoning, tying, and pouring liquid from small pitcher or cup)

Gross Motor Development

Fostering the ability to run, gallop, jump, hop, skip, and throw through participation in individual and group games, skills and playground activities
Developing balance, coordination and self expression by involvement in musical exercises and games : Diamondbar
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