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Our son was in the fantastic care of Towne and Country from 6 months to 5 years. He was always motivated to go there; Miss Gina has made many efforts as his teacher and now as the director to create a fantastic environment for learning, growth and fun. Our son is about to have a sibling and there's no other place we\'d think of sending him. Jason L.

My son has been attending Towne and Country for the past 4 years. The experience with Towne and Country has been a very positive one. The teachers are all wonderful. They provide educational benefits that have led my son to learn his alphabets, writing his name, addition and site wording. All in preparing for Kindergarten, has been a fun adventure for him. This journey will be remembered and I will be forever appreciative of the "little" details that the Director, Ms. Gina and her teachers, Ms. Crystal, Ms. Janette, Ms. Laura, and Ms. Angela have been attentive of. They each have played an important role in the development of not only my child but these children. We are full time working parents and the rewarding part is picking up your child and hearing that the teacher went out of her way to warm-up a lunch, make sure he/she is covered during nap time and just be there to take care of your most precious investment, your child. This is why I would recommend Towne and Country to anyone who would ask me. Ronnie

My experience with Towne and Country was very memorable. My husband and I loved that the site was kind of hidden, we needed a code to get in, there are several doors you have to go through before you reach the children and that the director Ginas office overseas the first door/gate. When we first started looking into preschools for our daughter we wanted something home like and secure. Gina assured us Towne and Country would provide just that, and it did. Gina is such a kind and understanding person. She is a great director and is wonderfully involved with the children. Our daughter attended for two years and she loved it. Crystal was her teacher and became like family to us. Crystal was more then we would have ever hoped for in a teacher, she gave us daily reports on our daughter and her progress, she learned so much being in her class. We are proud to say she will be advancing into kindergarden and skipping transitional kindergarden because of Crystals teachings. Our daughter knows her letters, numbers, shapes, colors, Spanish songs she learned at Towne and Country, how to spell her first and last name, and is learning how to read at home. We have recommended Towne and Country and will continue to do so. The staff was so friendly and loving, it truly helped make our day go smoothly knowing we could completely trust our daughter was secure and in great hands. Marina Miranda-Coleman

The joy and happiness I see in my son each and every morning before heading to school, has prompted me to want to provide a testimonial to commend Towne and Country for their excellence in child development! My son Justin has been a student at T&C since he was 2 years old. He is the only child so prior to attending T&C, his child development was a bit slower than others his age, that either had siblings, and/or were active participants in child or day care facilities. His speech was not where our Pediatrician wanted it to be, as he was not at the 45 word vocabulary suggested. Because of his height and weight, he also lacked some of the common motor skills, children his age possessed. His growth and development in just over a year of being a part of the Towne and Country family has been unbelievable. As much as I would like to take credit for his development, hehe, it’s all thanks to Towne and Country!

He loves Ms. Gina, Ms. Mary, Ms. Crystal, and Ms. Angela as ! if they are his extended family! Ms. Crystal has been amazing with my son! She has challenged him academically which in my opinion is why he is so motivated to learn more! He gets home and sometimes wants to work on tracing his name! He also tells me on a regular basis that he loves Ms. Crystal. As a parent there is no greater feeling in the world than knowing your child is cared for and loved while they are away from you. It means the world to me! Last weekend my son was actually recognized as Ms. Crystal’s student of the week! I think dad was more excited about it than son! Well as part of that recognition, Ms. Crystal allows for the student nominated, to take home the classroom mascot/bear, Buster bear for the entire weekend. As parents we are to take pictures of the activities Buster participated in with student of the week, and turn that info in once Buster is returned (homework for parents!).

At first I appreciated my son being acknowledged for his hard ! work, and was over joyed! But by the end of the weekend with! Buster bear, I appreciated the lesson my son learned from being the student of the week. As I reflected back on our weekend with Buster bear while looking at some of the photos taken, I noticed my son took great care of Buster bear. He was responsible, and made sure to not let the bear out of his sight! He knew and understood that it was his responsibility to keep track of Buster! It’s amazing things like that; that are priceless when raising a child. If you are thinking about having your child attend Towne and Country, but have doubts, please read my testimonial again! Ask Ms. Gina for my number so I could talk some sense into you! Thanks T&C for all you do! Wes Fuller.

We were looking at the eighth daycare when my sister in-law recommended Towne and Country. We went to check it out and immediately knew we found the right place for our precious little daughter. First and foremost, the place and location are very secure. The hours are a God-send to working parents - from 6:30am to 6:30pm. The teachers are very professional, caring, and nurturing. And the daycare's director, Gina, is amazing. She is so connected to the needs and concerns of the parents. Our daughter has been going there since she was eight weeks old, she is now three years old, and we couldn't be more pleased with our decision. We would highly recommend Towne and Country to anyone. A & E

My son has been at this school for about 4 months and I couldn't be happier with everything about this place. The school is well kept up and organized the director Gina is really nice and down to earth and even really involved with the kids. My sons teacher I have to say is an amazing teacher, my son went to another school before this one and I will say hands down Miss. Crystal has taught my son everything he knows. He is 3 years old and can write his name, he knows every color, number and shape as well as months and days of the week! She works so well with the kids in her class and she's very hands on and caring. She treats her kids like they were her own. There's never a day when I pick up my son and she's not attending to the children. Her classroom is always clean and very colorful with tons of art and crafts that the kids make. My son always comes home happy and loves going back to Miss. Crystals class the next day! I want to say a big thank you to her for taking such detailed time into my child's advancement with education. your the best Miss. Crystal!!! Brittany Rodriguez.

After researching DB preschools, we decided on Towne and Country and are so very happy. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. The curriculum is interesting, fun and educational. Our daughter looks forward to school everyday. Jackie

Our son is well cared for at Towne and Country! Ms. Crystal challenges our son to excel academically and provides a nurturing environment. Our son has learned some much since the beginning of the school year and we are so grateful! The Director Gina runs a great program that fosters social and educational growth for children. We are so blessed that our son is so well cared for. Michael and Lisanne Ramirez.

My daughter has been attending this school since October 2011. She has transitioned into the 2 year old room. Her knowledge has grown so much! The teachers are wonderful and they do so much hands-on activites with the children! I highly recommend this place (Diamond Bar).Staisha.

Great school, my daughter loved this place !! They teach instead of just watching your kids. Kayleen V.

My daugther is four years old and she has been attending Towne and Country in Diamond Bar since she was three months of age.  She called the school home for the longest time because she felt the love and caring of her caregivers.  We couldn\'t be happier with the wonderful, caring teachers and the recently appointed director that has been part of the staff for many years. We will miss you when we go to kindergarten next year! Carolina V.

Great School and rate is lower then most preschool around the neighborhood. Especially, it's in a great location. It's safe, clean, and not much traffic around. Danielle L.

I had a wonderful experience at this preschool here in Diamond Bar, my child was very happy, and I really like the teachers. The director is very friendly and easy to talk to. I highly would recommend my friends there. It's an awesome place. Melanie F.

My infant son has been going to this school (diamond bar location) for 6months now and so far, I am really pleased and happy. The teachers are very experienced and the home atmosphere makes everybody feel welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend parents checking out this place. Stella P.

I work at AQMD and I enroll my son here at the diamond bar location. It takes me 2min to walk to see him. I love the home environment and their summer camp program! Mayleen S.

I love all the activities they have for my daughter Jennifer. It's beyond what I can imagine. Very creative and something I can hold on to and show them when they grow up. The teachers all know you by your first name so I feel very comfortable and feel like they are more like friends. If anything happens they call me right away so that's what i really like about this place. Lui L.

My 5 year old attended for 2 years and we fell in love with the staff. She grew up so quickly academically and personally. Her younger sister who is 2 now attends and we could not be happier. Putting our children in a quality daycare was a giant commitment and we feel truly lucky to have found Towne and Country! Eric

My two daughters have been going to Towne and Country for over 3 years. My oldest has been enrolled since she was a baby and now goes to public school. She still attends the summer camp program at Towne and Country. My husband and I were initially attracted to Towne and Country because it reminded us of the schools we attended when we were kids. It did not feel like a sterile, institutional-style chain day care centers that are prevalent in this area.

The warm and friendly atmosphere was the initial reason why we chose Towne and Country. However, we quickly learned that Towne and Country also provided great academic preparation for our children. Their primary focus is on teaching core academic skills and to prepare your child for elementary school. My oldest daughter was the best reader in her kindergarten class and her teacher even asked me where she went to preschool so she could recommend it to other parents.

The staff is very friendly and knowledgable and are always willing to discuss my children’s behavior or academics. Miss Mary is very patient and was very helpful in toilet training my youngest daughter. The director, Gina, is accessible, nice and has many years of experience as a teacher as well as a director. She makes sure to get to know each and every kid and their parent and makes everyone feel like family. The kids all love Gina and the rest of the staff, they have a lot of parties, pot lucks, holidays and celebrations during the year (the Christmas Pageant is especially fun).

I cannot say enough positive things about Towne and Country. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a warm, caring environment and academic experience for their little one. Rachel F.

I recently had my second son and I'm sending him to this infant program so I decided to write another review.  Staffs are always so wonderful and friendly throughout the whole school.  My older son is in the 2yrs old class with Ms. Mary & Ms. Corina and they both are so good at what they do.  Overall, I am very happy with this school and Staffs.  Stella P.

My son Aaron attending Towne and Country from Sept. 2010 up to August 2013. The Teachers / Staff were always so helpful and attending to every child needs. He learned a lot during the school years and enjoyed the fun trips we got to go on during the summer. Towne and Country is filled with different educational and fun activities for the children from walking to the local Library to the presenting class projects, to Summer swimming, and The Annual Christmas Performances every parent looked forward to. I would highly recommend Towne and Country to my Family and Friends. Susie


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