Towne and Country Early Education center - Placentia - Infant Program

Typical activities in an infant's day:

Fine Motor Development
• Turning, grasping, rubbing, crumbling, smashing, squeezing

Gross Motor Development
• Crawling, climbing, pushing/pulling toys, rolling, clapping, building, stacking

Language Development
• Caregivers will foster language development in infants by talking to, reading to, speaking precisely and acuratley to, and using repetitious words in the interaction with them

Music and Movement
• Singing, Listening, moving, clapping to music; Simple Action Songs that also develop gross and fine motor skills

Feeding time
• One on one time with the caregiver
• Learning table skills; food textures; hand to mouth skills

Diapering Time
• Routinely every two hours; more often if needed, or immediately after a bowel movement.
• One on one bonding time with with caregivers; repetitious words for language development

Nap Time
• Fosters a rejuvenating time for growth;
• Caregiver offers soothing music, reassuring, holding, back rubbing or patting

Interpretive Development
• Caregiver interprets each individual child's cries, expressions, physical demeanor, mood, and words, so as to provide the best care possible